COVID-19 Procedures for School Age Sites and Child Care Centers


· Drop off at the door; caregiver waits for health check to be completed. All supplies from home are wiped down/sprayed with a sanitizer spray.

· Once health check is complete family may hand off essential supplies and child will be walked to their classroom/area with sanitized items. Those items that are able will stay onsite, not sent home.

· Any symptom will exclude child from care (regardless of pre-existing conditions).

·  Caregivers will be responsible for daily items: Lunch, change of clothes, formula/breast milk, etc.

· No outside comfort items will be allowed for this period of time (toys/stuffed animal/blankets).

· Ratio will be 1:5 or 1:8 max (depends on age and makeup of the group).

· Communal space is NOT to be used. All groups will operate separately with the assigned care givers only. No big room or playground time without set parameters.

· Providers will continuously clean surfaces and materials as children cycle through them.  All surfaces will be wiped down prior and after use.

· Cleaner will rotate through the building to maintain all spaces thoroughly. For example, when Group A goes outside the cleaner will clean that space, then proceed to any necessary wiping as they come inside prior to next group going out.

· Classrooms will be set up with independent learning spaces. Individual exploration to limit contact and support social distancing to the best of our ability (6 feet apart).

· Sanitize bucket will be prepared (bleach and water) and accessible all day. This will be mixed daily (or as visibly soiled). Materials will be rotated throughout the day to assure the room is sterile.

· Staff will avoid contact with each other as much as possible.

· Gloves and personal protection will be used whenever possible. Handwashing will occur frequently. Staff should avoid touching face, especially mucus membranes. All staff are now expected to cover face (mouth and nose) with a cloth mask/face shield.

· Children will remain with assigned group at all times.

· Meals will be performed in groups of 3 or 4 max. to assure that spacing at table is present. All meals will occur in the space assigned for care.

· All areas and surfaces will be sprayed and wiped down upon exiting the space.

· At pickup time, caregivers remain outside the facility.