The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central New Hampshire was formed in 2015 when the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Concord took over operations and later merged with the Boys & Girls Club of the Lakes Region.  In 2019, the Club merged with Lakes Region Child Care Services and formed the Central New Hampshire Child Care Services division.


The Boys & Girls Club in Concord opened its doors in 1944 as the Addison's Boys Club, in honor of Patrolman Addison Martin of the Concord Police Department.  The original clubhouse was in St. Timothy’s Church on Highland Street and  provided a safe space for local boys to hang out.  The building itself was little more than a basketball court, but under the direction of caring staff, it became the site of many, many happy memories.  


 In 1962, the  Addison’s Boys Club joined the growing National Boys Club organization and adopted the name Concord Boys Club. Then in 1983 the Concord Boy's Club became one of the first clubs in the United  States to formally add “& Girls” to its name, allowing girls to join as full members.


The past decades have been characterized by programmatic and geographic expansion.  Along with stand-alone Clubhouses is Concord, Suncook and Laconia, we operate school-based after school/summer camp sites and early learning centers throughout central NH.


Concord's Bradley Street Unit is now the administrative hub for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central New Hampshire, which weekly serves over 1000 infants through teens.  Each branch has its own unique history and origins tied to the community it serves. From homework assistance and community service programs to job training and free evening meals, our Clubs are giving kids resources and opportunities they need to thrive.   

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central New Hampshire

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